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August 3, 2012
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Never forget that I love you so much.
When I am with you, I just feel a touch
of magic that makes me happy and free.
Your presence will always fill me with glee.

I love your kindness, your beautiful heart,
that makes you so tender and nice, your art
of caring for others, your modest style,
your genuine nature and lovely smile.

Never forget, you're important to me.
Like gentle and peaceful waves of a sea
caress its coast and just can't be apart,
my love will caress your soul and your heart.

My feelings for you have always been pure.
You've always been my best friend. It is sure.
When I realized that my love is so strong,
its warmth filled my mind and soul like a song.

Never forget that together we will
overcome any troubles, if we still
have the love for each other in our hearts.
In front of our love any danger departs.

When I am with you, there's no need to be scared.
I will always protect you. I am prepared
to face anything, 'cause your love makes me brave.
I just always want to be sure that you're safe.

Never forget that I love you, sweetheart.
Remember, nothing will tear us apart.
Our feelings will only grow day by day.
Don't worry. True love always finds its way.

Your love is the greatest gift you've given me.
It is true. You've made me happy as can be.
As long as the sun shines in the blue sky,
I'll always be here for you, Fluttershy.
This is Dashie's love poem for Fluttershy. :)

I hope you'll like it. :aww:

I wrote it, because I love romance and FlutterDash! :love:


This poem is inspired by FlutterDash stories of my friend, :iconnintendogal55:

She also helped me with proofreading it. :)
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rainbowdash2099575 Mar 30, 2014  New member  Artisan Crafter
Beautiful. Just beautiful. TwT
why does this remind me of Octavarium?
I don't know. I never heard about "Octavarium"...
Octavarium is a album by the band Dream Theater although this has nothing to do with death love, and other things just the title reminds me of it
Understood. Thank you for responding :)
you are welcome
xXSilverLiningXx Aug 23, 2012  Student General Artist
unfortunately, I am not a fan of FlutterDash. Great poem though!

(Pinkie-Dash FTW!)
YukiMKitty-chan Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I sang this and i just thought what a lovely thing~ love it!<3
Thank you for such a reply! I'm glad that you love it! :aww:
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